Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween!!! Halloween!!!!


As many of you know, this is the first year we let Cooper pick his own Halloween costume. I thought for sure he would want to be Buzz, Capt Hook, or someone along those lines. 
So when I sat him down and said this year he could be anyone HE wanted to be, he really surprised me with the answer. 

"Momma, I want to be the MAYOR"

I was confused at first, who??? The Mayor??? What?

"The Mayor from the Nightmare Before Christmas"


I smiled a little inside, maybe my little guy has a bit of my creativity after all :)

The mayor isn't a huge role in the movie, in fact he has no name. He is the "Mayor of Halloweentown" (but when you tell people this their minds go to the movie Halloweentown - not the same all.) 

So, I went to was actually a lot harder than I thought. I was constantly stressing where to get certain pieces to his costume.  Unlike Buzz and Capt Hook where I could just buy the costume, I had to piece (since I am no good at sewing) together this mayor.
Once I made the decision that I was not going to even try to make Cooper's body look weird and bloated, I ran with it.

I bought the pin stripe pants at a resale shop, same with the suit jacket, I made the mayor ribbon, the spider, and megaphone with my own crafty abilities, and my dear sweet husband spent HOURS ripping apart a witch hat, added some cylinders and hand stitched it back together to make the awesome looking hat.

We are pretty proud of our hard work, and Cooper loves being the Mayor.. and loves loudly yelling into his megaphone "TOWN MEETING!" ha!

As far as the location for these pictures, Camp Pendleton just recently had a huge wildfire. I decided to take the pictures in all the burnt areas for the "creepy" black tree look. It actually worked out much better than I had thought because we were able to kick around the ash and create a spooky looking fog :)

I love how these turned out, they are darker than I am used to and to not have my Facey smiling in any was strange, but I just love them and am so proud of them. :)

Some of Cooper's pals joined us in our scary location for pictures. We decided to do a group shot of all these scary kids and I just DIE over how cute...ahem, I mean scary.. they all are. :)

This one was taken by my friend Kelly and I just ADORE it!

Hope everyone enjoyed all the pictures and has a safe and happy Halloween :)

Thanks for stopping by yall!!! :)

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  1. I am dying over the group photo. these are great!


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